The shop!!!!!!!

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The shop!!!!!!!

Post  Ruby The Hedgehog on Sun Jul 06, 2008 11:47 am

Custom rank!
This is your very own rank. You may have it say anything you want. It only costs 200 rings.

Custom Ranks with a rank picture
This is a custom rank with a rank picture. It's 210 rings.

Your own name color
You see how my name is red? Well you could get yours in any color you want. For 20 rings you can get it but it will go away in 2 weeks. To get it forever its 300 rings.

Username Change
To change your user name it will cost 5 rubys..

Your own smiley!
You can buy your own smiley here for 500 rubys.

If you get a ticket you may buy 3 things of your choice from any shop. Tickets cost a lot though. There 500 rubys.

Advertising Space!
You can buy your own advertising space on the forum with 75 rubys per week! If you want to advertise for 2 weeks it'll cost you 125 rubys! Two weeks is the maximum period of time you can have your advertising space!
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