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Making a comic. Empty Making a comic.

Post  Ruby The Hedgehog on Sun Jul 06, 2008 11:41 am

or youtube...

1 first think of wht you want everybody to say.
2 choose who says it.
3 choose where they are.
4 choose backgrond also. blank areas arent :cool: at all.

Thats at least what i think. but my comics aren't good though because i don't follow what i said confused i know, right?

=TSF= from the hedgefox

SonicTailsEchidna wrote:The easiest way to make comics is this:

-First; get some sprite-sheets for the characters that you are going to use (For Sprite websites I reccomend The Spriters Resource and The Mystical Forest Zone. When you find theese websites; bookmark them.)

-Get your background and scenery from TSR; though for Genesis backgrounds I rip them with an Emulator called Gens+.

-Plan out the comic and decide who says what.

-For accurate sized comics; make a banner and make each panel half the size of the banner.

-Now; put it all together and now you got a decnent comic!

Also; I only use paint for my comics; no more.

I hope these help!
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